Universal Insurance Company Auto Insurance

Car insurance is an important part of owning an automobile, due to the regularity of unavoidable accidents that your insurance would help you to cover. Finding a good company with integrity and fair pricing is also very important. The universal insurance company provides private passenger automobile and commercial insurance products, and is interested in building long-term agent relationships and keeping a good reputation.

Your Auto Insurance Policy
Auto insurance covers your financial loss if you have an accident and also provides liability, property and medical coverage. In the case of property damage your insurance would pay for any damage to or theft of your car. Liability coverage pays for any legal accountability for property damage or bodily injury to others. The medical coverage would pay for any injuries, rehabilitation costs, and sometimes funeral expenses and lost wages.

The insurance contract varies depending on the agreement between you and the company; as agreed in your policy, you pay the premium and your losses are paid by the company. Most states require you to buy some, but not all, of the six different coverages an auto insurance is comprised of. The lender of a financed car sometimes also has requirements. Nearly all policies are from six months to a year, and your company should notify you by mail when you have to pay your premium and renew the policy.

To save money on your insurance policy, be a safe driver. Having a clean driving history means lower rates. You may also be able to get lower rates by taking defensive driving classes or other drivers education courses. Some companies give discounts to students or people with certain types of vehicles. Inquire with your insurance provider for more info.

The Company
The universal insurance company is a reliable source for auto insurance based in North Carolina. A few of the special features offered to agencies through the program include the acceptance of outstanding company payment plans or premium financing, exceptional agency incentive programs and commission, and a full service website for agents. The website includes policy detail, quoting, binding and submission of new business, online payment and endorsement processing.

Universal insurance company offers exceptional service and competitive pricing to those for whom it might be difficult to receive personal automobile insurance because of their previous driving history or the type of automobile they drive. It also provides commercial vehicle insurance policies on a large variety of automobiles and trucks used in business. Universal believes in the independent agency distribution system as the most professional way to understand and meet its customers’ needs.

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