What is the Best Occupation to Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

You probably never thought that choosing a specific job could hurt or help your car insurance rates. Don’t worry, it really never crosses anyone’s mind when they are searching for new employment. However, there are jobs out there that can give you great policies for minimal costs. We’ve gathered some information for you below that should help if you are trying to get that cheap auto insurance.

Going to College to be a Scientist

Listen, we aren’t suggesting you go to college to get cheap auto insurance, but if you are headed that way, anyway you will want to know this regardless. The occupation of being a scientist can lower your rates tremendously. It is not because they have special abilities, got a degree in the field or anything of that nature. The truth is they are cooped up in a building, which means they won’t travel too much, even if around the city.

What a Job Creates

Granted, the scientist thing above is just an example. Then again, there are several jobs out there that can get you lower rates just because of the effect it can have on you. For instance, if you are a Wall Street broker where your day consists of strenuous levels, your rates will be higher. Why? Well, when you leave work for the day your stress levels are soaring through the roof and the chances of you being distracted while driving are much higher.

We are telling you this because in order to get cheap auto insurance based on your occupation, the lower the stress the better off you will be. Another great example of this is if you an attorney of some sort. Constant trips to different courthouses, phone calls galore, and just thinking about a case can dawn a higher premium. It’s hard to believe this is what our records have become, but it is the truth.

People in the Safety Field

This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the insurance field for safety, but just any one in general. Those who spend all day teaching others about safety are more likely to be safer when driving. This gives them an advantage when it comes time to finding cheap auto insurance around the corner. Since they are meticulous in their work, they probably are in other parts of their lives including driving.

Understanding it All

If there was a chance you were confused by anything above, here is an easy way to understand it all. Find yourself a job that isn’t completely relaxing, but one that doesn’t require a lot of stressful situations. Writers, artists, and many others like them are great examples of people who can receive cheap auto insurance. People who work at home in general are good examples. Just take what we’ve given you to heart and you’ll soon realize all the jobs that will pay more or less for car insurance.